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Thor, Chomsky, Zinn, Teshub, Lei Gong and Alice Walker

Alice Walker first got public recognition with her novel, The Color Purple. She has since been a Code Pink activist leader and spokesperson. This year she published, A Cushion In The Road, about her meditations in which she courageously takes virulent anti-Semitism out from behind transparent intimation and claims of “pro-Palistininianism” so common among American Leftists’ to a level of honesty previously seen only on elite, Ivy League university campuses.

Walker’s latest post, “Solstice Greetings and Gratitude 2013, or Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn Playing Tennis!” was noted in today’s Wall Street Journal. She thanks various people for a very good 2013 including Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and other luminaries of the Left admired by the media. And she concludes with a micro mini ode to two of the people who have most influenced American high school and higher teachers to make its schools the agencies of social and political regulation they are today.

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And last but not least, Noam Chomsky. Long before I knew who this great teacher was I was riding around the Cape with Howard Zinn (A People’s History of the United States) on my way to Wellfleet where his wife Roz was waiting lunch for us. The Zinns were old and dear friends. Howard mentioned playing tennis. I couldn’t believe it. I’d never heard anything before about him playing tennis. He said Oh, yes, I play tennis. I play tennis with Noam Chomsky. I think he said every Thursday and I think we must have been passing the tennis court. Since that time whenever I’m really depressed about the political situation in America, which is often, I think of these two great beings playing tennis. That’s when I know we the people have every chance of winning.


We know Walker is a religious person because her post celebrates Winter Solstice, a high holiday for Pagan Believers. She calls Misters Chomsky and Zinn “great beings.” Are we to make an assumption about her belief the divinity of these Two? Are their serves and powerful forehand shots similar to what we know of Pagan beliefs in Zeus, Teshub, Thor or Lei Gong throwing lightning bolts and making thunder? Is she offering a prayer of thanks to her Gods for a good year passed, or invoking their mercy at the beginning of her new year?

On the other hand if Chomsky is, and Zinn was, mortal, why would two privileged, wealthy, white men playing tennis, at one of their exclusive private clubs or fabulous summer estates, be such a spiritually uplifting event? Would it be because they chose tennis over golf or polo? And what would be the significance of that choice in the victory she envisions for “we the people?” Who the people – we mortals? She is hardly “We the poor and downtrodden” anymore. It’s confusing.

Why would the image of two Pagan Gods, or just two extremely well-heeled fellows, or tenured professors for that matter, playing tennis in the long-restricted playground of the super-rich, Wellfleet By The Sea, as if they were Klipspringer and Tom Buchanan lounging about The Great Gatsby’s Long Island setting, bring such cheer to this deeply envious, hard left African-American who scrambled up from a poverty-stricken childhood to join the privileged and moneyed whenever she feels depressed? She can’t be saying she is grateful for her more productive and challenging education, social mobility and freedom of speech than could be found only during a time in which America had something more of an open and Socratic way of educating, and a free market economic and democratic political system than it has today. She has called herself a Progressive, and so by definition she is as opposed to an education that includes many points of view or to a free market economic and democratic political system as she is to the idea of a live Jew in Jerusalem.

Honestly, this peculiar Pagan-Left point of view is hard to understand. Can anyone help with it?


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