The sure man is always dull.

The White House Press Failed The President

Last evening’s debate was an instance in which the White House press, by not fulfilling their professional responsibility, failed the man to whom they’ve given obeisance for four years. As Mitt Romney deflected block-headed discussion about a so-called “Obama plan” that will begin four years after he first took office and ticked off The President’s failures and broken promises during the last four years, The President appeared disturbed and embarrassed, as if hearing those facts for the first time. One would expect sycophantic hirelings with which presidents surround themselves not to question his record. But in normal circumstances a demanding press corps would ask questions that would keep President Obama focused on the present rather than on dreams from his radical college and community organizing days about a hopeful future time when this dystopia powered by Individualism has been swept aside and all people are obedient and equally happy subjects of a beneficial and bounteous Collectivist bureaucracy. Yet here was Romney, the robotic bad guy, who wasn’t bullied into buying the idea The President’s accountability doesn’t start until next January, who wasn’t putting up with The President’s characterizations and “studies” about what he and Paul Ryan mean instead of addressing what they say and what they’ve done, and who, worst of all, was questioning what The President has actually done and not done in four years on the job. Questioning the record is work the White House press should have been doing all along. Had they done it, President Obama would have had some well-tested answers. As it turned out, however, The President was simply left flat.

When he practices for the next debate, The President should replace Senator Kerry as a stand-in for Mitt Romney with NBC’s Chuck Todd or Kristen Welker. Let them ask the questions they should have been asking all along and coach The President as to how they’ve tried to make low growth, high unemployment, cronyism and budgetary paralysis at home along with clumsiness and realignment with odious regimes abroad look like apple pie to the American public. When Romney goes on the attack again, The President will be ready. His little “my way or the highway” sneer will look like hope and confidence not disconnection and disconcertion. He’ll be able to say, “Wait till next year,” without sounding like a Chicago Cubs fan. He’ll eat the robot’s lunch and move on to his second term when he’ll have far more flexibility to make his dreams come true.


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